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Well here’s omething new: Dating Naked star Jessie Nizewitz is suing the show for broadcasting a shot of her naked crotch. In a scene in which she and her equally nude date wrestled on the beach, her crotch was exposed without the usual blurring that the show employs. The show airs on VH1 , and it’s basically like any other dating show, except of course its stars are naked. Now, a lot of media outlets and headlines have scoffed at Nizewitz , wondering why she has a problem with being shown naked on a show called Dating Naked. However, she claims that she and the other participants had agreed to appear on the show if those areas were blurred out. Broadcasting the image of Nizewitz’s crotch seems like a breach of contract and is highly unprofessional of the network. Yes, the model does seem to be overreacting and has made a bit of a fool of herself. She’s also complained about her grandmother watching the show and seeing the shot, but I wonder how surprised her grandmother was, considering that her granddaughter was on a nude reality TV show.

Exuberant naked mob-dancing video and ‘Dating Naked’ lawsuit blur lines of decency

Wanna read ’em? Here they are. It was only a matter of time.

Repeat Jessie Nizewitz: ‘Dating Naked’ Star Sues After Crotch Not Blurred On TV video by All inclusive.

She only signed up to date naked- ish. The New York Post reports that Jessie Nizewitz is suing Viacom, which operates VH1, and two production companies because producers failed to properly blur out her crotch while she was partaking in typical first date activities, including replicating WWE wrestling moves. Emotional damages ensued. The year-old model told The Post, “My grandma saw it.

My parents are just annoyed. Not only didn’t Nizewitz fail to find love on the show, but it might have even cost her relationship with a man she dated for the month until her episode premiered.

Dating Naked Contestant Sues, Unhappy She Was Shown Naked on TV

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VH1 looked more like the Playboy Channel when they accidentally aired an uncensored crotch shot during an episode of the reality show.

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50 Cent vs Floyd Mayweather; ‘Annabelle’ trailer; ‘Dating Naked’ star sues VH1: PM Buzz

New York model Jessie Nizewitz, 28, says the headline-making freshman reality series trailer flashed her crotch during one segment where she playfully wrestles with a date on the beach. Producers had allegedly assured Nizewitz that her genitals would be fully blurred during the episode. Dating Naked typically shows bare buttocks, but breasts and genitals are heavily blurred. If you watch an episode, you will see that the blur actually makes it less revealing than a bikini would.

Dating Naked’ Contestant Jessie Nizewitz Files Lawsuit For “Books, Fishing, Meditation, and Healing”: BTS’s New Reality Show “In The.

She claims the error has wreaked havoc on her personal relationships. Do you actually believe that up until the beaver shot everyone regarded you as a beacon of dignity and good taste? What an admirable, classy young lady she has become. Oh, look, there she is! Such a lovely buttocks! I really appreciate the way they make the front-facing genitals blurry to ensure good, clean, family entertainment. Just look at her, rubbing mud all over the naked body of that young man whom she just met — adorable!

This is truly my proudest moment as a grandparent. We all know this program was designed to be a train wreck because train wrecks attract viewers. Be honest, you wanted the exposure. Come on. To be fair, since the lawsuit was announced, I saw the crotch clip and it was pretty egregious.

‘Dating Naked’ cast member sues for crotch shot

By Lauren Lumsden for MailOnline. Jessie Nizewitz, a year-old model from Long Island, New York, said the producers repeatedly assured her none of private parts would be shown in the episode that aired July 31, according to the New York Post. Scroll down for video. Reality programming just got real! Get it right, guys! This image shows the moment when the Dating Naked producers failed to blur out Ms Nizewitz’s private parts MailOnline blurred them out.

during an episode of the risque reality show ” kaya scodelario dating naked” that aired on july 31, featured naked dater jessie nizewitz claims the cable network aired New bc would later include a representation of this style in its pattern book.

The show debuted in July , billing itself as a new kind of social experiment in dating. Now, the show typically shows the bare backsides of its contestants, but that is supposed to be the extent to the fully visual nudity. Genitals and female breasts are digitally blurred. At least they are supposed to be. And, for a brief second when the episode aired, her genitals were accidentally exposed to the world. She says she was assured by producers that her genitals would be fully blurred at all times on the show.

Obviously, I did not expect the world to see my private parts, this is not what I anticipated or what any other contestants on the show anticipated. Nizewitz, a year-old model from New York, alleges that having her genitals flashed on national television resulted in the demise of a budding relationship. She claims that, after the episode aired, the man she had been seeing for a month stopped calling. Get More: Dating Naked.


It all happened during a naked beach wrestling match with a male contestant. VH1 assured the year-old model from New York that everything would be censored. It was not. Not at all. If you watch an episode, you will see that the blur actually makes it less revealing than a bikini would.

There is a new show, and it is called “Dating Naked.” I am completely serious and totally baffled. Jessie Nizewitz has tried to sue the pants off.

And she appeared naked! Butt naked! She’s not happy about this at all. Although all the participants in the series remain nude throughout, their “iron-clad” contracts — as explained by the show’s host Amy Paffrath in an interview with Cosmopolitan. Nizewitz claims this didn’t happen. During a surfside wrestling scene from her naked beach date, she says VH1 neglected to blur her “private parts.

In an interview with The New York Post , she adds that she “felt lied to, manipulated and used,” and argues that the network owes her a huge apology. Follow Alex on Twitter. Help save lives. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories. Just the Cutest Backpacks for Your Laptop.

Dating Naked contestant sues VH1 for failing to blur out her crotch

Remember the days when Rob and Laura Petrie slept in single beds separated by a table? She’s claiming “severe emotional distress. They say “unfettered nudity [is] a crucial aspect of the program,” and that the releases Nizewitz signed make clear that the show does not have “a duty to obscure her genitals.

A contestant on the reality show Dating Naked is suing VH1’s parent company Viacom for $10 million, claiming that the network failed to blur.

Amy Paffrath served as the host for the first two seasons and was clothed in her appearances. The first season was filmed on an island in Panama. The second season, re-titled Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps and filmed in the Philippines , premiered on July 22, [2] and concluded on September 16, The third season, hosted by Rocsi Diaz and filmed in Bora Bora , premiered on June 29, and concluded on September 14, The show matched up several contestants who were routinely switched with other contestants.

While contestants were nude most of the time, the show does not show contestants’ genitals. The first season featured a new pair of contestants in each episode. There was a format change for the remaining seasons, where there were two main contestants, a male and a female, whom new contestants would join each episode to date them, in a format similar to shows such as The Bachelor.

The third season premiered on Wednesday, June 29, Allison Davis wrote that the show “push[es] the boundaries of courtship and creatively expand[s] the list of activities you can do in the nude,” but also criticized the show’s pool scenes for being too revealing. Two months later, Viacom, Firelight Entertainment and Lighthearted Entertainment sought to have the lawsuit dismissed, claiming that Nizewitz was in violation of her contract in filing a lawsuit.

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Dating Naked: Jessie Nizewitz suing over blur fail

She alleges the show cost her a budding relationship and that she received hateful social media messages after the episode aired. Cannon and Carey, married in , welcomed their fraternal twins, Monroe and Moroccan, in Regardless of his relationship with Carey, Cannon reportedly emphasized that their children will come first, saying, “my main focus is my kids. Martin said that in his latest book, “Song of Ice and Fire,” readers can expect some serious character deaths, Buzzfeed reports.

During a naked wrestling segment on the series’ third episode, which aired on July 31, a non-blurred shot of Jessie Nizewitz accidentally aired.

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Dating Naked crotch shot: Jessie Nizewitz suing Viacom for showing her box on national TV