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Together, the Philadelphia-area natives embraced an Orthodox lifestyle, moved to Israel and moved back to Philadelphia to open the Chabad House for Students on 14th and Catherine streets. The program, officially launched last week, is a sort of boutique JDate; interested parties will submit dating resumes written by a group of regulars and Reuvena Leah Grodnitzky. She and Doniel Grodnitzky then will facilitate meetings between applicants, introducing them to one another and seating them together at the Shabbat table. Get Jewish Exponent’s Newsletter by email and never miss our top stories We do not share data with third party vendors. Free Sign Up. The real impetus for the program began a few months ago, he said, when a small group of regulars mostly women, he noted approached Reuvena Leah Grodnitzky, telling her that they were finding it difficult to find a suitable Jewish match. Together, they wrote the dating resume, which Doniel Grodnitzky hopes to mine for helpful data as the number of submissions rises. The resume gets a lot of small talk out of the way, asking applicants about the age range of who they want to be paired with, when they think they might want to have children, how observant they plan on being in their lives, etc. You are also having someone who you know on a personal level do the match making.

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Rabbi Bernath is the author of three titles, and has extensive experience working in Adult Education, Special Education and counselling hundreds of young adults and couples. Rabbi Bernath regular column on relationships and dating advice, “Dear Rabby” can be found in the pages of the Canadian Jewish News. He was Canada’s only finalist and is one of Canada’s most popular under rabbis.

He has made 54 matches to date. In , Rabbi Bernath gained a lot of media attention for creating the “Quebec Kippa” as a solution for Quebec’s proposed Charter of Values. Rabbi Bernath is a professional voice-over artist and storyteller, and he has lent his voice to hundreds of productions and performed all over the world.

There are many apartments and hotels in walking distance to Chabad. Kosher Meals. Order your Kosher Meal today! 48 hour advance notice requested.

That was, apparently, the wrong answer. Never mind. I had just been sized up, then dismissed, as a potential match. A dentist by training, she long ago gave up that career for her full-time calling as a shadchen, to use the Hebrew and Yiddish word for one who makes shidduchs, or matches. At any given time, Ms. That is not including those who met online at SawYouAtSinai. Raised in Detroit, Ms.

21st Century Yentes: Personalized Matchmaking Makes a Comeback

Deseret News – Sunday, September 16, Jews beefing up holiday security Rabbi Benny Zippel of Chabad Lubavitch said his congregation will have “regular security but we don’t want to turn synagogue into a military barrack. We normally have some type of security.

Do arranged marriages exist today in the Jewish community? May parents force a child to marry someone of their choosing? An exploration of dating practices in​.

Parental supervision is therefore suggested whenever your child is on the internet. Hebrew Calendar Information Zemanim. Mining Company. Shaare Zedek Jewish Medical Links. International Campaign to Bring Moshiach Moshiach. Radio 10 Dan Hartal.

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Continued from above. Last point: In addition to daily prayer–at home and praying with the congregtion at shul Orthodox synagogue — it is a mitzvah we Jews are commanded to study Torah regularly. Chabad will be the best resource Trust me, I’ve tried every stream within Chabad and every movement within streams! Tzedaka, while often translated as “charity,” actually means “justice. So get tzedak site at a Judaica website and as the Chabad rebbe taught us drop a few coins in daily.

This activates the downflow of blessibgs into one’s life.

How jewish dating: well, smart, successful and never miss our matchmaker is chabad’s matchmaking services nyc; but how do you! Matchmakers for a mitzvah​.

Toggle navigation. Forgot Password? Shidduchim Fees: In order to keep a person in mind properly, I do an in-depth interview. Rochel Bryski Brooklyn, U. Chana Calmenson brooklyn, New York, U. Chaya C. Cohen Brooklyn, New York, U. Nechama Dina Cohen beitar illit, New York, Israel Email Fees: only expect to get paid once a shidduch is made and couple got engaged.

Miriam Edelman Brunoy, Edelman, France Sarah Eichler Brooklyn, U. Mindy Epstein Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U. When a shidduch is made I ask for standard shadchonis. Paul, MN, U. Fees: tba 10 Mrs.

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By subscribing I accept the terms of use. Politics Diaspora Opinion. Jerusalem Post Opinion. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a vast landscape of loneliness across the world. Many singles are either quarantining alone or even with parents or friends but without a romantic partner. In my near nightly Zoom broadcasts with my daughter Chana, who created the Kosher Sex company, modeled on my book of the same name, we encounter singles from around the world who lament the impossibility of dating in this painful time.

The Matchmaker. Join the Discussion So get tzedak site at a Judaica website and as the Chabad rebbe taught us drop a few coins in daily. This activates the.

This is not a typical matchmaking service. Please read on to understand fully. The suggested matches are real possibilities. You fill out a short questionnaire about yourself. If we do not know you yet, we get to know you. A match is suggested. You decide if you want to go ahead with a date. You date. The rest will be history! Please familiarize yourself. This is a service for members of the Chabad Young Professionals community only.

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On line Jewish dating — most readily useful web web sites so that you could look for a love. Aishes Lapides now offers mentoring, counseling, along with other solutions. Bangitout — With a target of bringing Jews as well as humor, this website features quite a lot of information on activities for Jewish singles within the greater ny area. Chabadmatch — A matchmaking service for Chabad singles that gives them access to skilled Chabad matchmakers around the world.

Gatewaysonline — Gateways offers Jewish people possibilities to unlock the treasure of the history through powerful academic and social programs, including retreats and activities along with other Jewish companies. Gateway Connections, its matchmaking that is successful service employs a group of skilled, delicate and energetic matchmakers who work almost all the time linking couples, and following through to every date with a call, to talk about, advise, and supply support to individuals.

New rules for love sex and dating discussion questions. Chabad matchmaking san antonio Night shift online dating videos. Best speed dating perth today.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, don’t make me a match! And don’t ask me for membership fees, either – at least, not if you want me to join organized Jewry and have Jewish babies. The established Jewish community’s single-minded focus on these goals are actually deterring the next generation from pursuing them, Sarah Liebman told a Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education conference meeting here this week.

Liebman should know. Arriving in a new city a few years ago, eager to connect with the Jewish community and make friends, she attended the only type of Jewish Federation event she could find for young Jews: a bar night. Liebman arrived feeling “like it was the first day of school,” which was bad enough, but then she realized it was a singles evening. There were other young women there, but they had come to meet members of the opposite gender, rather than the same one.

If the women made Liebman reluctant to attend, the men who come can be worse, according to one participant in the conference session Liebman led, titled “Talking ‘Bout My Generation: How to Reach something and something Jews. When he held singles-type events for young Jews in his community, he related, “we would have year-old male stalkers, and they would scare away my people. As can appeals for high membership fees – and frequent pleas for donations – at synagogues, Jewish Community Centers and the like.

Many young Jewish adults are less well-off than their parents’ generation and aren’t interested in paying to belong to an organization. That means ditching off-putting questions about marital status, career, college education – and Jewish affiliation. It also means finding new ways to be inclusive by having events outside of Jewish institutions like synagogues; locating them in urban areas where younger people live, rather than the suburbs; and organizing them around themes such as the sports or the environment that they’re already interested in.

Hershey Novack, a year-old Chabad rabbi who works with the “vastly underserved population” of graduate students, has been trying to use those approaches to boost the Jewish community in St.

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